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Happy children playing


My name is Jade and I am the Founder & Director of Travelbugs busy bags
I am a single mother to a little boy and we LOVE to travel and take on adventures.
The idea behind the busy bags came from my first trip overseas with my son. He was 18 months old and we were flying from Perth, Western Australia to London UK.

(That's about 19 hours in flight time ALONE!)
You can imagine how stressed I was in the build up to our trip, especially when I struggled to find any kind of entertainment to help keep him busy on the flight.

And so, that is where the Travelbugs story began.



Our Busy Bags have been designed to hold children's interests for long periods of time.

Giving them a range of entertainment to keep them busy and useful fidget toys to help with stress and boredom.

We like to change up our bags from time to time, so make sure you stay connected on our website and socials to keep up to date!

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